Important Information regarding General Practice in Newquay and Temporary List Suspension

In July 2023 Dr Charles Stephens, GP Partner at Narrowcliff Surgery, and Dr Rutesh Patel, GP Partner at Newquay Health Centre, released a joint statement: “Our GP practices have nearly reached the maximum number of patients we can safely and effectively provide services for, with the workforce and estates resources available to us. We are therefore planning a temporary suspension of new patient registrations for the foreseeable future from 1 July, 2023, apart from eligible groups. By giving advance notice of our intentions, any current residents who are not registered, but who might want to, have a reasonable timeframe to do so. Our existing services and appointments continue to run as normal for our patients – it’s business as usual."

From March 2024 Newquay Health Centre have reopened their list.

You can find a document answering any questions you may have here: 

Narrowcliff FAQ information

Patient Allocation Application form


Welcome to Narrowcliff Surgery

Narrowcliff surgery is a purpose-built surgery which opened in 1995 and we currently care for approximately 15 500 patients. The building offers easy access for the disabled.

We are comiited to providing you excellent care and a core part of our ethos is continuity of care. As such we operate a personal list system where patients are allocated to a specific GP or pair of GPs through the week.

We offer a wide range of medical services in the practice and have a diverse team of professionals who are here to support your health and wellbeing. 


Climate Emergency

As with many GP surgeries and other organisations we at Narrowcliff Surgery support the declaration of a climate emergency. The NHS recognises the threat faced to public health as a result of global warming and the climate emergency is a health emergency. Climate change threatens the foundations of good health, with direct and immediate consequences for our patients, the public and the NHS. 

Many of the actions needed to tackle climate change directly improve patient care, health and wellbeing. This is because many of the drivers of climate change are also the drivers of ill health and health inequalities. 

By supporting the declaration of a climate emergency we are:

  1. Acknowledging the climate crisis which threatens population health
  2. Comitting to fast-tracking the reduction of our carbon emissions
  3. Working on collaborative actions to deliver zero carbon

As a practice we are working with the Primary Care Climate Resilience Programme and are part of Cornwalls Greener Practice Network. We are also making our way through the Green Impact for Health Toolkit.

Green Impact 2023

Platinum Award - Green Impact for Health

Narrowcliff surgery were delighted to received a Platinum award for the Green Impact for Health Toolkit. There were only 4 awards nationally so this is a huge achievement and reflects the steps the practice has taken to reduce it's carbon footprint and embed sustainable healthcare into the running of the practice and services provided. Some of the actions we have taken involve going paper free where possible, improving our recycling streams and reducing single use plastic. You might also be aware that we offer alternatives to medication where clinically appropriate and refer patients to our health and social prescribing team, gym referrals and nature based prescribing.  We know that the climate crisis is already having an impact on our patients health and we are working hard to mitigate against and advocate for action. If you would like to know more please contact the surgery on narrowcliff.surgery@nhs.net and use the heading "Greener practice". 

NHS Friends and Family

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