Coil Clinics

Contraceptive Coils

Information for people wishing to have a coil for contraception

There are 2 types of coils please use the link below to find out more information about each of them.

Intrauterine System (hormonal coil) - IUS (Intrauterine system) - Contraception - Sexwise

Intrauterine Device (Copper coil) - IUD (Intrauterine device) - Contraception - Sexwise


Pre-fitting guidelines

Please collect a coil pack from reception, read the info contained within (and return the swabs at least 2 weeks before your appointment – we need to have result back before we can fit your coil.

Please remember their must be no chance of pregnancy at coil fitting, so you must be using a reliable method of contraception (withdrawal method is NOT reliable)

If coming for a coil change/replacement YOU MUST ABSTAIN FROM SEX for 7 days before

We advise taking painkillers 30 minute before you appointment to help with post fit cramps

Do not bring small children or babies with you to the fitting, or alternatively please bring a friend with you who could take care of them outside the room.


Consent form

Click here for a ink to our consent form

Please have a read of the article above.


Post fitting guidelines

You cannot use tampons or have sexual intercourse for the first 48 hours

The new coil will not be an effective form of contraception for 7 days so please use another form of contraceptive during this period

If is your responsibility to arrange replacement before you coil expires (you will be informed of the date at your appointment)

If you have any change in your discharge please book an appointment for review

If you have pain for more than 24 hours post fit please book an appointment for review


You will have an opportunity to ask questions before you have your coil fitted but if you wish to discuss anything before had please complete an e-consult and we will be in touch.