NHS Friends and Family Results

Answer Total
Very Good 32
Very Poor 3
Neither Good Nor Poor 1
Poor 3
Good 1
Don't Know 0
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Comment Date
I am finding it completely impossible to work out how to order prescriptions online. The links don’t work, the advice is confusing and where it says to go to order the prescriptions takes you to a blank end. Thursday 15 June
Just a quick Thank you , for always sorting Emails , medication , appointments and phone calls for me . You are always quick , friendly and polite . Drs are always great and answer quickly and efficiently . I Thank you all and hope u get outside a bit to enjoy the sunny weather 🥰 Friday 2 June
Speedy appointments, listen well, explain things clearly. Monday 15 May
The service at Narrowcliff is excellent Thursday 27 April
Excellent service all round Thursday 27 April