Young People

We aim to offer a service that is friendly and useful to people of all ages. We appreciate that often younger people can feel intimidated or uncomfortable when it comes to talking about health to a doctor or nurse and we are looking to make this easier.

Please click on the link below to see our latest guide to the services we provide. 

Young Persons Guide

We thought it would be worth taking a bit of time to tell you what we have on offer. If after reading and using our service you feel there are changes and improvements we can make we would also very much like to hear your suggestions and we promise to listen and hopefully improve. We offer a free confidential advice service for everyone, including under 16s, and are EEFO kitemarked. Confidentiality means that whatever you discuss with the doctor or nurse will not be repeated to anyone unless you give permission to do so. We will not tell your parents, friends or other members of your family if you do not wish us to do so. The only time this may not apply is if you or someone else may be at risk from harm, but we will always try and get your permission first.

We are here to listen not to tell

Did you know?

  • We can usually offer appointments on the day if you phone in the morning.
  • We offer appointments throughout the day, including early and late.
  • You can speak to a member of the healthcare team if you have a query that you think may be able to be dealt with over the phone. Let reception know and they can make you a telephone appointment – no need to come into the surgery.
  • We like to think that our team are all helpful, respectful and approachable. Is there anything else we could be doing?

Issues that we think might be of interest to you:

  • Contraception. We offer advice on all methods available and can provide emergency contraception, implanon and coil fits.
  • Sexual health. We are currently offering Chlamydia screening and encourage anyone under the age of 25 to collect a kit from the practice and follow the instructions.
  • Counselling service.
  • Drugs and alcohol advice and counselling.
  • Stop smoking service.

So if you would like advice or information anything from low mood to sexual health, emergency contraception, drugs or other health issues please ask at reception for an appointment. You do not need to tell the receptionist what the appointment is for, but if you want to give more information you can ask to speak to them in private – remember it’s all confidential.